Monday, December 3, 2007

Human Asteroid - Demo (2001, self released)

Released in 2001, this is a great demo by a band that could have been. Influenced by the heavy rock sounds of the 90's, Human
Asteroid could easily blend grunge, stoner and a sip of the Tool poison creating something unique and refreshing for the local scene. Alas, due to various reasons they disbanded in 2005, leaving us only the memories of a few explosive gigs and the company of these songs.

Rumour has it that the band is back on track, rehearsing like hell for a strong (and maybe a bit different) comeback. Fingers crossed.

01. Monkey Circus (4:03)
02. Space Junk Survivor (5:30)
03. Escape Or Die Trying (3:29)
04. Sleepy Hollow (4:35)

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