Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ludmila - Demo (2004, self released)

Make Believe anyone? One of the best local acts of the 90's that made it even to MTV's alternative nation back then. Hard to leave out this name when it comes to Ludmila that showcase singer Flora Ioannnidi and drummer George Apostolou in their line up. This demo comes from almost 4 years ago, when Ludmila were still searching for their own identity in between heaviness and melody, combining rockin' riffs and beats with sometimes eerie, sometimes strong vocals. 3 fine tracks of their own and a cover that cannot go unnoticed. Send love messages in their space for a copy and do not miss them on their next gigs.

* Guitarist Nick Sofiou and bassist Panagiotis Konstantinidis from heavy rockers Human Asteroid that played in this recording, are today replaced by Spyros Kaminaras (guitar) and Pantelis Kourtalis (bass). Great kids, all of them.

01. Like Before
02. Wasted
03. Demons
04. Genie


cavity said...

gamw tis mpantes. thanx.

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Anonymous said...

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