Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ludmila - Demo (2004, self released)

Make Believe anyone? One of the best local acts of the 90's that made it even to MTV's alternative nation back then. Hard to leave out this name when it comes to Ludmila that showcase singer Flora Ioannnidi and drummer George Apostolou in their line up. This demo comes from almost 4 years ago, when Ludmila were still searching for their own identity in between heaviness and melody, combining rockin' riffs and beats with sometimes eerie, sometimes strong vocals. 3 fine tracks of their own and a cover that cannot go unnoticed. Send love messages in their space for a copy and do not miss them on their next gigs.

* Guitarist Nick Sofiou and bassist Panagiotis Konstantinidis from heavy rockers Human Asteroid that played in this recording, are today replaced by Spyros Kaminaras (guitar) and Pantelis Kourtalis (bass). Great kids, all of them.

01. Like Before
02. Wasted
03. Demons
04. Genie

Monday, December 3, 2007

Cube - Worse Than Satan (2004, self released)

Like Human Asteroid (check below), Cube draw their influences from the same -grunge meets stoner meets Tool- bucket. Yet the outcome is way different as the structure of the 4 tunes here, leans more to the Tool side of things. With prog-ish compositions, great vocal delivery and manic drumming. Cube have released three songs on different compilations since this demo, songs that have taken these initial elements to the next level, producing an identity of their own, away from their obvious music fathers.

01. Coming
02. Mass Confusion
03. Strange Pain
04. Curse

Human Asteroid - Demo (2001, self released)

Released in 2001, this is a great demo by a band that could have been. Influenced by the heavy rock sounds of the 90's, Human
Asteroid could easily blend grunge, stoner and a sip of the Tool poison creating something unique and refreshing for the local scene. Alas, due to various reasons they disbanded in 2005, leaving us only the memories of a few explosive gigs and the company of these songs.

Rumour has it that the band is back on track, rehearsing like hell for a strong (and maybe a bit different) comeback. Fingers crossed.

01. Monkey Circus (4:03)
02. Space Junk Survivor (5:30)
03. Escape Or Die Trying (3:29)
04. Sleepy Hollow (4:35)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Engine - The Budgie EP (2000, self released)

X-Honeydive members, George Laitmer (guitar, voice) & Panos Tomaras (bass, also in The Earthbound) join forces with Costas Panou on drums and leave the grunge/alternative rock path in quest for heavier sounds under the influence of the magical 70's. The result is this EP that contains five solid motherfuckers, full on groove. 5 years later, they added a V in their name and released Broken World, a fantastic rock album, that combines the current heavy rock scene with the composing talent that we learned and loved from their Honeydive days.

01. Budgie (4.40)
02. Fading Away (3.43)
03. Madman's Tale (3.18)
04. One More Day (4.27)
05. Truth (4.03)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lord 13 - Hellride (2003, self released)

This is 2nd demo by the Athenian heavy rockers. Here we find the band in full speed mode, with 5 smokin' dynamites, one* of which features Argy (of Nightstalker fame) on vocals. Crown of Thorns is probably the best tune penned by the Lords so far. Three of these songs (1, 2, 5) would appear later on their s/t debut.

01. Hellride (4.44)
02. Bitter Story (3.43)
03. Crown of Thorns (6.10)
04. Dope made from Gold (5.14)
05. Feelin' the Feeling* (6.14)

Lord 13 - Embrace (2000, self released demo)

So many years have passed by since that 1st Lord 13 experiance I had, at the vavel fest in 2000. Lord 13 have grown bigger & stronger and their official s/t debut is now in our hands. Yet this 1st demo is still cherished like the invalueable piece it is. These 3 songs don't show up too often in their live setlists but when they do, all hell breaks loose. The incredible heaviness of Ball of Pain, the stoner dynamics of Sacred Wounds, the lysergic groove of Zodiac Circus. Embrace them.

01. Ball of Pain (4.09)
02. Sacred Wounds (6.00)
03. Zodiac Circus (8.08)